Paying Forward our Gratitude Post Closing

Passion for Real Estate With Care for Our Community

At Team Pay It Forward, we are laser-focused on your transaction throughout the entire process. We work hard to ensure your expectations are exceeded! After a successful closing, we turn our attention to the needs in our community and beyond.

After closing, we transfer 20% of our commission directly to our Team Pay It Forward Charity. After that is deposited, we then take 50% of the total deposit and Pay It Forward to a Charity of your Choice. We’ve been introduced to many wonderful charities thus far and truly look forward to what the future holds!

We have Paid Forward more than $25,000 dollars since the beginning of 2018. Please see the pictures at the bottom of the page… The physical check is BIG, but small compared to the impact felt by those who benefit from what we do! Thank you for allowing us to represent you!

Why Pay It Forward?

This is our story. In 2017, Trisha Depatie (Owner and Founder) began shifting her Real Estate business to include a Pay It Forward Theme. Many things happened all at once to inspire her. At Church on Sunday, she was challenged to examine her life. How she spends her time, talent and resources for God’s kingdom. Honestly, that needed a bit of work. After spending time on the missionary field as a young 22-year-old, Trisha knew she wanted to again make a difference. The feeling of helping children in India and South Africa was indescribable. How could Trisha make an impact, she wondered!

That very week, Steps Real Estate announced they began donating 10% of all profits to a local Homeless Shelter in Boulder. By then, Trisha knew she would partner with her clients directly to impact the community and the name would reference the act of Paying It Forward. Once the website was launched, Michaela Odle called Trisha for a dinner “talk”. We began our friendship at The Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch in Avon, CO in 2005. Michaela asked questions regarding the business model and how it started. A few months later, Michaela who had been a Realtor for 5 years prior, thought about it and asked if she could join me at Team Pay It Forward? We went on to discuss our collective vision - leaving a legacy for our children, to lead our littles by example and for them to know they can make a difference! There are no limits!

Our Charity

In late 2017, Trisha Depatie received a text message from an old acquaintance that wanted to reach out to convey the impact of a financial gift she gave back in 2006. She mentioned that gift changed her life and gave her the strength to get back on her feet after a low point. Trisha had forgotten that she had given this gift as she was single, living a fun life in the mountains.

But then she realized the impact she could directly make to people who need a little bit of help. Our Charity fills in the gaps – we hear of needs through many different spheres, and we act. We’ve bought new tires for a single mom who couldn’t afford them but needed transportation. Grandparents that are raising their grandchildren with no money for food or presents for Christmas, we ensured they would celebrate a great Christmas with full stomach and presents under the tree.

We have helped with medical bills for a family that couldn’t afford their child’s leukemia treatments. We also helped a man hospitalized with no means to care for his family while waiting for workman’s comp to start. Once the money started impacting people, Michaela called Trisha as stated, we must remain busy, so this doesn’t stop! The response was overwhelming, and it was then, that Trisha realized she again feels like people are being impacted by her actions, as she did in India and South Africa a long time ago!