Lively Closing

by Team Pay It Forward 03/17/2020

Home SOLD - Congratulations, Brandon and Merissa! 

I am grateful you saved my flyer from the year prior and called when you were ready to move across the country. We became fast friends and worked hard as a team to get your home sold. We listed your home in January and in the first week with limited access, you still had 48 showings. Wow! No doubt, King Soopers will miss you, Merissa and your puppies greeting the patrons as you waited. Your house was highly desired and we put together a strategy to get it sold with the Solar Panels and the loan that came with it. 

Glad to say, we sold for over asking, on time and now you're in Pittsburg, PA. I pray you're settled in and loving your new home. Colorado and I will miss you, but we will also live through your adventures.

Because of our partnership - three amazing charities received funding. $367.00 Paid Forward  $367.00 Paid Forward $734.00 Paid Forward

Your friend,